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About Us

About U-Store Self Storage

After looking through our website and talking to us, we believe you will really see why U-Store can save you money just because of the way we do business. No other self-storage company puts it all together for you, by:

Understanding the U-Store Guarantee

We have stood behind our guarantee since we first started doing business in 1975: If within 30 days we have not met our commitment to quality and service, you get one month’s free rent plus 10 percent discount thereafter. We don’t think you’ll find a better guarantee in the self-storage market; in fact, we have not found any one of our competitors offering anything that comes close. Our promise saves you time and money because we work hard to get it right the first time, and if we don’t, then we stick with our commitment to ensure you’re happy regardless.

Finding the Right Size Storage Unit with More Than 30 Options from Which to Choose

U-Store may not have hundreds of facilities around the nation, but what we do offer is quality storage units with exceptional customer service. We are not a mega corporation buys, sells and builds facilities all over the country just to make more money; we have been in this business since 1975 and still own the first store we ever built. Our managers are typically long-term employees who enjoy doing what they do best – serving customers. One of the many tools they have to use is that we have more than 30 different sizes at each store. Our managers have become storage experts at helping you select the best size for your needs.

Saving Money When You Store with Us

U-Store img 1Instead of providing only the industry standard storage unit sizes (5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×20 and 10×30), we offer many in-between sizes to give you the exact amount of space you need. This way, you don’t pay for extra space you don’t need or have to cram all your valuables into a unit that’s too small if you’re avoiding an upgrade. For example, if you have more goods than a typical 5×5 holds but not enough for a 5×10, we typically have between five and 10 unit sizes in-between that would be just right for you. Choosing a 5×6 can save you more than $32 per month at one of our stores (or $384 per year) – a 28 percent savings! Ask our competitors if they have more than 30 sizes from which to choose; we’re sure they’ll disappoint.

Investing in Training and Education

Most of our managers stay with us for a long time because they enjoy working with U-Store and helping our customers on a day-to-day basis. We realize the need for training and education even if an employee stays for a short duration. We hold monthly manager training sessions to discuss a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of self storage and employment in general. We not only keep up with trends and new ideas in our industry but discuss relevant experiences each manager has faced and then trade possible solutions. Additionally, we also mystery call and shop each facility to improve our customer focus. This is why we stand behind our Customer Guarantee. We work hard to make sure you are satisfied the first time.

As members of the Self-Storage Association (SSA) we believe in and follow their Code of Ethics. We have been members of the SSA since 1977. We also have established our Values-Vision-Mission statement to firmly guide ourselves. Our VVM states exactly what we believe in and leaves no uncertainty about where we are going. We realize you have a choice with whom you do business, and we believe you will want to do business with a company that has the integrity to do what is right for you. Choosing and using a storage unit is not and should not be a mystery. To help you with your search for the right storage space, we’ve included many links and related documents on our website so you can know what to expect from our facilities.


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